Surgery complete with Dr Hackman 6/20/22

Hi y’all,

I can finally update after my surgery with Dr Hackman this Monday.

I had some pretty bad post anesthesia reactions and was in and out of the ER, so I haven’t had a chance to focus on my healing and how I feel until now.

The surgery went well and he successfully removed both styloids to skull base. Dr Hackman really is one of the best here. Surgery was under two hours and for my left side he only needed to go from in front of my ear. It’s amazing to me that I just had neck surgery and I’m discharged from the hospital the next day and not chugging oxy.

My pain is typical and I have been getting by on Tylenol. Just the headache, ear ache but nothing crazy.

It’s too early to say anything about my vascular symptoms but I am seeing some small positive signs, but I’ll need to see how I really feel once I can distinguish between surgery pain and the regular my iih and that will just take time.

I will say though, that my neck feels amazing. No longer feels stiff, I have full range of motion, and no more poking when I turn right. All in all, neck feels amazing and I’m hoping with time my other symptoms will resolve or improve.

I will continue to update as things become more clear to me. Thank you everyone for your support!

Including pics of my nasty styloids. Small one was what was left over from my previous surgery.


Glad it is over. Wishing all the best in recovery. I wish we had competent ES surgeons like Hackman who removes it from the base here in Canada.


Glad that it’s done & you can concentrate on healing now, good that you’ve seen improvements in the neck stiffness already! I hope the swelling’s not too bad & will keep praying for you! :pray:


Something I forget to mention is that I have essentially zero nerve damage from this surgery. I’m amazed how Dr Hackman can get the styloids to skull base and avoid any major nerve damage. All I have is small numbness by the neck incision and my bottom right lip is a bit off, but these are such minor details I won’t even be thinking about it.


I’m so glad to hear you are doing well! I have my appointment with Dr Hackman in August and I cannot wait. Continued prayers for an easy recovery! I’m so happy for you to have this behind you.


@elijah - so glad to read your great reports. Sorry for the immediate post op troubles but so glad you’re home & recovering now & w/o narcotic pain meds! That is remarkable!! Things may get a bit more uncomfy over the next few days so keep the ice & Tylenol handy. Don’t skip pain med doses for a few days even if you don’t have much pain because if it does flare up, it can be tough to “catch up” w/ the pain meds later.

Hoping for a good quick recovery for you & GREAT NEWS! about the lack of nerve injury!!! :hugs:


Wow! The one looks like a monster! Thrilled for you to be on the back side of surgery and on your recovery path! Sending you well wishes for an easy stress-free recovery!


Thank you all for the well wishes.

This surgery has definitely been harder on me than my first one but I’m hanging in there and know that I’m still very early in recovery.

I know days 3-5 is when inflammation is worst and I definitely feel the pain around my jaw, forehead and cheeks due to the ear incisions and I what I believe was the jaw being displaced during the surgery for access.

I’m still getting by on just Tylenol so it’s obviously not that bad.

I will continue to update here.


Thank you for the update! I must say, I’m amazed & in awe of you for being able to manage bilateral surgery pain w/ only Tylenol. I’ve always thought I had a high pain threshold, but in retrospect, maybe I’m a pain wimp. :joy: Tylenol wasn’t even in my vocabulary when I was recovering from my unilateral ES surgeries. Maybe it should have been!!

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Nah, there were definitely moments I almost took oxy. I’m just dealing with so many post anesthesia issues that I fear that the oxy will make some of them worse so I’m just avoiding and know it’ll get better with every passing day.


That is a fantastic mindset! Good for you!!


Keep us updated every passing day @elijah, we will keep our :crossed_fingers: for you :slight_smile:

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Thinking of you! :hugs: :pray:

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