Surgery next week! Ahhhhh

So scared right now! But I hate surgery and the risks! I’m booked for Thursday next week! I just don’t want to be worse off than I am! I’m having extra oral and a day surgery I guess… Weird but I hope this works out!!! Any tips for recovery and what to expect! Pls pray for me!!

Hope all goes well for you, Kelx, after this long wait! Just get plenty of rest afterwards, and don't overdo things! Everyone is different- mine was external, but I still found opening my mouth too wide uncomfortable, so I just had lots of smoothies and softer foods for the first week. So be prepared for that, although not everyone finds that. Take painkillers regularly, ice your neck if you get much swelling, and sleep propped up to reduce swelling if you can. (I use a wedge pillow and a V shaped pillow as that takes the pressure off the side of your neck.) Once the scar has healed using one of those massage oils for scars is a good idea- I still find mine gets a bit tight so still use it occasionally. Once things have healed a bit I did gentle stretches on my neck to keep it moving, check with your doctor about that. There've been quite a few posts on here with stories about what to expect- there's some links in the ES Info section. The surgery can aggravate nerves etc. so don't be disappointed if you wake up still with some pain.

Have you got help at home to start with? Of course I'll pray for you, best wishes!

I will keep you in my prayers…that the surgery alleviates your symptoms, and you heal quickly! Also for peace in your decision to proceed with surgery! Hugs from snowy Michigan!

Good luck!!
I know that all experiences in surgery are different, but I was able to tell from the moment I woke up that things were different (it took a little lover to understand if they were for better or worse, but having that spike out made a huge impact on my body and mind).
Everyone mentions taking it slow after surgery, but it’s hard to tell what that means and how serious that advice real is until you get there. Take is slow. With everything. Everything from swallowing to chewing to sitting up to trying to be active, be gentle.
Hot soup and pho were my best friends the first few days after surgery, and an ice pack on the incision site. Trying to sit up on my own was a bit too much too, so if you can have someone to care for you right after surgery. (I wanted to do things on my own and had to pick myself up by my hair the first 48 hours)
Heidemt told me not to freak out if you don’t feel better in a week, and this was really good advice. Day 5 I felt much worse, but pushed through and have seen a lot of improvement. Take your time and be forgiving to your body

There going threw your mouth?I personally feel like there missing something we’re the Hyoid connect s tell them to take their time and look at everything the Styliod is attached to my surgery cured a lot of issues your making the right choice.

Thanks everyone!!! I said they are going though the extra oral way which is not through the mouth. It’s the side of your neck he’s doing surgery. I hope he takes his time not sure how to ask him that question lol but it will be ok. He said it’s a pretty standard procedure.