2 Days Till Surgery...all Advise & Reminders Welcome

Well my day is almost here!

I am as excited, as I am scared. I welcome any advise from people who have had the surgery and any good wishes from ALL.

I will post pics and updates as frequently as possible.

Thank you for all for your support and guidance you’ve already shared with me.


Take things slow after surgery. Don’t push yourself.

The best post op advice is to follow the doctor’s post op recommendations & stay on your pain meds for at least the full first week before starting to try to cut back. Ice, Ice, Ice your neck post op. Get yourself several gel ice packs that have covers (Walgreens, CVS, Target & Rite Aid all sell them).

Also, as Mark7b said, take it easy post op & gradually move back into your regular routine. You’re going through major surgery. Don’t be deceived by the small incision when all is said & done. If you have a day where you feel great…don’t jump in with both feet…take baby steps. You will get tired more easily and will re-awaken any symptoms that are subsiding if you start back too quickly. It will take a couple of months before you feel totally normal again but only a week or so before you’re able to be up and around & starting to more fully participate at home. Some people have even gone back to work after a week but for most, it takes 2 weeks post op to accomplish that.

I will be praying for you tomorrow. Dr. Samji is an awesome & well-respected surgeon. Go into your surgery with confidence. Make sure the surgery center knows ahead if you have nausea issues from anethesia so they can prepare for that.

Looking forward to hearing how you feel post op! :rose::sunflower::blush:

I agree with the others- it’s easy to think it’s not a big op and rush to get back to normal, but there will be consequences!!! Lots of rest needed! I couldn’t eat very well first time so had lots of smoothies and yoghurts etc., but second surgery was easier so I could eat normally. So be prepared and have some easy to eat stuff around. And extra pillows so you can sleep propped up if you’re not already, as that’ll help with swelling. I used a V shaped pillow; they’re really good as it takes the pressure off the side of the neck.
Hope all goes well, and that you find symptoms go really quickly! Thinking of you, and am praying for you,
God bless, Jules

I just had my first surgery month ago. I listened to most advice yes. I stayed on my pain meds but I also pushed some limites at home. Your first week, take advantage and do relax. I over did some even staying on meds. Best wish to you. Take much advise and use it as it comes. It got me threw and I could not have done as well without the support and guidance.

Best of luck with your surgery! I am 5 months post op (I had a very successful surgery through the neck with Dr. Newman at U Penn). I agree with the resting recommendations. And staying propped up when you sleep will alleviate a lot of the pressure on the incisions. I am not a believer in opioids though, and only asked for them once right out of surgery. They ended up making me violently ill (which is not fun to experience with post-op neck incisions). I managed quite well with just Tylenol for a week, then didn’t need anything. I felt pretty ok after 2 weeks, and was back to working out after 3, but do listen to your body. There is a BIG push for opioids in this country, and you should be careful. If you do feel the need to take pain meds, make sure you also take adequate stool softeners and stay hydrated, because opiates will do a number on your bowels, and you do not want to strain your neck after your surgery. Good wishes and prayers for a successful outcome!

Go very slow, don’t rush back to normal activities even though you’re feeling better.

I hope it goes well and you feel better soon. All the other posts are great advice, my surgery was 5 weeks ago and I am a little tired but feel so much better getting it removed.Take care.

Out of surgery and re:slight_smile:sting. All went well. Thank you all for your support & advise

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Excellent news!! :fireworks:

Hope that you soon notice some improvements, and best wishes!

That IS wonderful! Much success with your recovery. My surgery was many years ago, but I still am careful with what I eat. No big chunks of meat, chew, chew, chew your food. My surgery went well and pray that you never have to experience that sensation in your throat again. Get your rest, and if you are pushing yourself, STOP. This is a hard surgery and you don’t want to “trigger” any symptoms. Stay prayed up and have friends pray with and for you.

After I had my surgery, I was alone at home because my husband worked, and my sons were in school. So, sometimes fear would visit me especially when you’re all alone. Any pain or discomfort would sometimes have me on edge because I didn’t know if the surgery was successful? I would listen to praise music and when it got really bad, one day…my girlfriends came to encourage me by praying and anointing me with oil.

The power of prayer was what got me through it. I am a diabetic so, healing was long for me. It took me a good 3 months to start healing and feeling comfortable with eating, lying down to sleep. My surgery was done through my mouth. He removed my tonsils to get to the styloid. It was a hard surgery. My quality of life improved after being undiagnosed for 17yrs.

CPR is right about pain meds…take adequate stool softeners to keep you from getting plugged. I too weaned myself of pain meds after about 2 weeks, and then just took over the counter Tylenol and sometimes Ibuprophen. I hope this encourages you, and just take it one day at a time. Stay close to God. Blessings to you and your health…Shalom

In my case the ES bothered me so much that surgery gave me instant relief. I wish the same for you and that your life will become much more pleasant once you turn the page of the ES.

Thank you all for your advise and support. My husband has been by my side every step of the way (literally) and family has been there for too. Surgery went well. I’m in day 3 extra sore, but I still feel like I am moving in the right direction and definitely that the surgery was the right decision.

Glad to hear you have no regrets! Keep resting, icing & snoozing. The first week is the worst then things start to improve.

No, but I have pretty significant TMJ so my jaw joints are noisy all the time. My guess is that you’re experiencing some side effect of the post-op inflammation that will subside as you heal. If it’s really persistent & especially if it’s painful, make sure you address it w/ Dr. Samji at your first post op appointment.

Doctor Samji is amazing. I am so happy I went with him to do this surgery! I am a little sore, but happily I haven’t had any of the symptoms that many others have had.

Glad to hear it! Keep on taking it easy! Can you eat much?

Yes I’m eating soup and smoothies- haven’t tried tough stuff like pizza.

I used to make a really yummy smoothie- I juiced pineapple and spinach, then blended yoghurt and banana with the juice- great!