Surgery scheduled for 7th of May

After my previous post about being unsuccessful for my last appointment. I called up a health ombudsman to do a follow up for me. She rang them and found out the person i saw was the wrong doctor that filled in for the lady doctor who called in sick.

Somehow was misinformed and said he didn't have any information. The lady was supposed to tell me that my surgery was on the 7th of May, which is in about 3 weeks. If i didn't complain i probably would of waited the 6 weeks for nothing. Thank goodness for that.

Finally i can relax now and just count down the days now.


The long road of not knowing, the sleepless nights of what if it is this or it might be that, the frustration of Doctors that Have no clue due to the illusivness of E.S. is almost over---My E S surgery was truely a blessing after 10 long years of suffering..Once I was diagnosed with the Eagle syndrome after having saliva glands removed and countless useless doctor appt's and endless antibiotic's that were useless.. the recovery is nothing really when you put it in perspective of what you have been through... Good luck! The best day came a few weeks after surgery when I realized I had not had a single thought of anything related to the pain and discomfort, or the surgery, just leaving the stress of it all was the Deep breath relaxation... Sincerly, John

Congrats on your surgery schedule!! I had both of mine removed ,11/25/13 and 3/10/14. I could instantly the difference with swallowing, food and sometimes liquids get stuck above the Adam’s apple. I would have move my neck and chin to help go down. Both sides, I did have swelling and it took about 2.5 months to go down on my left side. I made sure to ice pack the area every day thar helped with the pain and seemed to help the swelling. My surgeon suggested a wedge pillow while sleeping to elevate head above 30 degrees. Also, a grabber picker up tool allowed me to pick things up without bending over to pick stuff up off on the ground. I bought both pillow and pick up tool at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Best wishes and you are almost there!!

Ken, that's great news! Hang in there, just a couple weeks. There are so many frustrations that seem to come with Eagles. I'm so happy this one is over and you're getting your surgery soon. Best of luck!

Hi. I just had the second styloid out yesterday. Doing okay. Amy, I saw your post about swallowing. How long did it take to get better. I have to take little swallows of liquid or else it goes up my nose. Otherwise the drilling pain at the crook in my neck is gone today.

Polly, my swallowing improved immediately after surgery. It was before surgery food would get stuck above my Adam’s apple.

Thanks everyone for the wishes.

I have to attend a preadmission on the 24th and bring any test results and i guess do some tests with the anesthesiologist .

Looking forward to the surgery!

Good -- progress at last! Have a happy holiday weekend, Ken,

Thank you *dancermom :)

As i'm nearing towards the surgery date. Can someone please give me some suggestions on what to do after surgery.

Like what cream to use for the scar, how to manage the pain. Stuff like that and overall what to expect?

It might be better to open a new discussion for the post-op stuff, Ken.

I wrote comment sometime ago that my surgery got delayed. Still delayed since the 7th of when it was scheduled. The reason was that Roy Nicholson was urgently needed to operate on a few cancer patients. I also heard there are 2 other people trying to get a styloidectomy aswell. Feels like the wait will never end.