Surgery Scheduled

My surgery is scheduled for next week, July 3rd! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time..Ill update after!

Terrific, sweet C! Will be thinking of you on the third and hoping that all goes perfectly.

Hi everyone,
Things have moved quickly, and my surgery was scheduled today for April 1. I’m looking forward to some relief, as my pain - particularly at the back base of my skull on the left side - had been raging for the past couple weeks. I don’t know why it’s flared up so much, and am hoping the surgery helps (along with ear pain, and other places in my head on the left). Just waiting on insurance authorization. Have a pre-op appt scheduled with Dr. Patel.

BTW, he seems to prefer oral, rather than exterior. Is prefer the latter, as I don’t care about the scar, and I understand recovery time is less. He says it’s actually easier for him to get at the styloid through the mouth, since it’s closer to where he be going in. Also, I’m a singer, and worry about the time it might take to get back singing with the oral route! I’ll do whatever gives him the best chance of success, though. I’d appreciate any feedback and sharing of experiences.