Surgery today:

Today I am having surgery. I have to report to the hospital at 11:45am and my surgery is scheduled for 1:15pm (as long as he isn't running behind). My wonderful, supporting mother will be with me!

The game plan is he will take my tonsils out first, then he will try to remove both of the things from the right side and left side. The doctor said he won't be able to know if he can remove them through my mouth or not, due to the length and size of them. If he can not remove them through the mouth, he will have to go through my neck to remove them.

I will be spending the night under observation and released on Thursday. I am nervous for the surgery! So here is to praying things go well today!! And here's to my mom for helping me through this challenging surgery! Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers today and tomorrow for me to have a surgery with no complications and not to much pain. And for my mom to get through this as well!

Oh girl! My prayers are with you!!! I pray you find comfort in your time of healing :slight_smile: My surgery is set for August 9th to remove my left styloid process externally. The ENT will only do one side at a time for me because the left corner of my hyoid bone had been fractured in a 2007 car accident :frowning:

All of your fellow Eagles buddies are here for you. Pulling for you…thinking of you…guiding you…flying with you to your next height of health :sunny:

Love & light,

Prayers being sent. God bless & a healthy, speedy recovery to you!

I wish you the best of luck Diva and a speedy and uncomplicated recovery time. I just had my surgery last Thursday, 7/25/13, intraoral and he cut our 2 1/2 cm from my right styloid that was curving inward toward my spine and very close to it. Glad that's out and over. I will keep you in my prayers that there are no problems with your surgery and that things went smooth. The first couple of days are rough, but things will feel better moving forward. You'll find creative soft foods to but of course who can resist ice cream! Take care and God bless you and keep you safe.

Viperbone w/o her curved viperbone

I hope you are doing well and your mom can exhale. May your healing process be as painless as possible. When you are well enough to do so please check in and let us know how you are healing. NO Rush!

God Bless