Surgery Scheduled

I haven't had any discussions until now. I was diagnosed 1 yr ago while having a routine CT scan for my TMJ. The radiologist picked it up. I thought all my symptoms were coming from my TMJ. I have had troubling swallowing for years, but never gave it much thought. I had an accident 4 years ago and was thrown from a horse. I received a fractured nasal septum. I had surgery 3 yrs ago for that, however, I need another surgery. So I am having the septoplasty and left Styloid surgery done on October 20! A little nervous about it. What in everyones experience will be my recovery time.? I live in Glendale Az and Dr. Milligan is my surgeon.


My son was off all pain meds the 3rd day after surgery. His was external. The healing time for movement of his neck was a little longer, about 5-7 days. Swelling and numbness - about 5-7 days. But everyone is different and I have read of recoveries from 2 weeks to 2 months and up to a year. Good luck.

Your story sounds a bit similar to mine...swallowing problems for years and Eagles discovered through an appointment for TMJ.

As Ear Mom says, everyone responds differently. My styloid was removed externally a year ago and the scar is not visible if you don't know where to look. I was on pain meds for 3 days, OTC pain meds for another 2-3 days, and other than lifting restrictions and restricted movement due to the stitches, I was pretty good to go in about 8-10 days.

I wish you the best; keep us posted!

We do hope for a prompt recovery. Make sure you don't think of what could go wrong. Listen to your support group of ES, the recovery for everyone is different, some slow others faster, but the good thing is that everyone recovers sooner or later.

Thank You Everyone, You've been a great help. I am in the medical field and know power of a good attitude. I am taking 2 weeks off work. That seems a good recovery time after listening to you're comments. If I feel better I can come back a little sooner. With my nose I have to wear a splint for a few weeks as well. I really like looking at all the comments. So many mirror my issues.

Good luck pattyangel. Please let us know how you are post surgery.

After reading all these diagnosis and serious conditions, I have to say I feel better now, I'm wonderful, with pain and everything else that can come with it. My heart goes to you Cat, u r in my prayers.

Wow! What did the doctor say about the vocal cords and swallowing!!! That scares me a lot. I'm getting nervous.


Thank You for this information. I will ask my Dr. next week at my pre-op apt!


Cat said:

Patty also make sure they do not give you any Fluorquinolones post surgery (also google ENS Empty nose syndrome) if they take too much turbinate out you will be left with a dry empty hoel who is what happened to me at Jefferson! By Rosen tho! they also gave me LEvquin (an FQ drug) and steroid for swelling this is contraindicated since July '08 and my surgery \was Aug '08 they should have KNOWN not to give me both together, ask up front what drugs are used not only postoperatively BUT DURING PROCEDURES, knowing beforehand you can forestall any issues, use best judgment, and yes sometimes things mayNOT happen but its best to be prepared I have been thru it all! Know knowing I Have the FMD (FIbromuscular dysplasia) its wonder why they all missed it when I suspected it I have not even been to college!

Good luck, google about the sinus surges (mine was called Septoplasty tuurbinectomy) there is great website called ENS 3 she's anonymous person whose ordeal is even worse tun my own, her face/sinuses were ravaged via poorly done surgery!

also google the docs' name who's doing your pays to know upfront...



you're welcome!