Surgery this week

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let my fellow ES patients know that I will be having surgery this Tuesday, Sept 9th. It will be in London, Ontario, Canada, with Dr Yoo. He is the Chief ENT here, and this will be his first ES surgery. By all accounts he is an outstanding surgeon, and I am grateful that he is taking this on. He will be doing the external approach on my left side, and if that goes well, he says he will also do the right side. Looking forward to reporting back to you later this week- I am hoping to have good news for you. Its been 6 years since my original symptoms, and 2 years since my diagnosis- so a long road all in all. I'm grateful for the support found from people on this site. Its good to hear your stories and share this experience with people who really understand. Good luck to all of you!!

All the best and the best of luck Ang. Please update us after your surgery.

Ang - How did it go? I realize you might not be up to typing yet, but if you are up to reading, know that you are being thought of and prayed for. Let us know how you are when you are up to it.

Best of luck to you, please keep us informed. Happy healing!

We look forward to see how it went.