Sitting here in my hospital room, about 12 hours after surgery with Dr. Hepworth. SO not as difficult as I expected. The most difficult part was the blood draw before the surgery. I’m a really bad “stick.” There was a whole crew working on it, and my brother the anesthesiologist was the one who finally got it — in his first try!!

Dr. Hepworth told me that my jugular was occluded 60%. Dr. Amnesty had to balloon it. Only real pain so far has been throat and tongue. Haven’t taken pain pills since I left the recovery room. Will probably take some to sleep.

I have to say that the cold sensation in the eye is back with a vengeance. I figure it’s possible that it’s because they were working in that area and annoyed the nerve. So I’ll give it a chance to settle down. But given the condition of my jugular, it’s good that I had the surgery regardless.

Thank you all so much for your support on the journey. And know that surgery, at least with Dr. Hepworth, is nothing to fear!!


We just LOVE to hear successful recovery stories like yours. They don’t happen all of the time, but it’s great when they do. Long may it last.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Great news that you’re through surgery & it wasn’t as bad as you thought…I did laugh at your brother getting your blood! Hopefully he’ll see that ES surgery is worth doing too…
I’m sure your eye is irritated nerves, hopefully when the swelling goes & with time it’ll heal. I hope that your vascular symptoms improve soon too. God bless :hugs: :pray: :bouquet:

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Thank you! Dr. Hepworth was wonderful. He explained eagle syndrome to my brother, and then gave him a lot of materials.

Just to show that it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses over here, I’m still in the hospital. Developed a wicked nausea around midnight last night, and we’re really having a hard time getting it under control.


Hi Bopper,

I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. How horrible for you! Nausea can be the result of the anesthesia but also vagus nerve irritation, inner ear disturbance, pain med intolerance, etc. All of these could be playing into your post op situation. I hope there’s a good medical “sleuth” working w/ you to figure out the cause & taking care of it.

So glad your surgery went well. I was also entertained about your story about your brother. It’s pretty awesome that he was able to be there with you pre-op. I must assume he works at the same hospital as Dr. Hep - another plus for you!!

I’ll pray for you to be able to go home soon & for a good recovery. Just remember it will take patience & time so don’t worry if symptoms are a bit slow to disappear.

:hugs: :gift_heart:

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I hope that they get the nausea under control soon, sounds horrible :hugs:

They did. Dr. Hepworth ordered an anti-nausea suppository yesterday, and that finally did the trick. I’m definitely glad I was still in the hospital!!


Thanks, I needed to hear that. I woke up this morning thinking " If this surgery doesn’t cure the cold eye, I will be SO bummed." Wondering if I should have reminded him of that symptom before surgery, all of the usual things we think about when we have too much time on our hands. But it does make sense that the area is still inflamed, so I’m trying to focus on how my blocked jugular is finally free.


Welcome to “the other side”! May your healing be easy and uneventful! So happy to hear you’re doing well!