Surgical opinion options

Thanks for any information anyone might pass on. I have been diagnosed with Eagle’s syndrome after nearly a year of going to dentists, PA’s, my MD and finally an ENT who feels I have Eagle’s Syndrome based on my exam (bony lesion in my tonsillar bed on palpation) and my CT scan. My ENT referred me to the University of Michigan about a month an a half ago and I got a call from them this week stating that the ENT there reviewed my records, and U of M does not have anyone that does surgery for this. I may just keep the appointment there, to play the insurance game because I think the out of state providers will be out of network and they may require an in-state (Michigan) opinion. Could anyone comment on their experiences with Cleveland Clinic and other Ohio providers that deal with Eagle’s. Has anyone had multiple steroid injections? I read that getting too many of them may not be good, but the one I received was helpful. Thanks for any help you may offer, God Bless, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Kay, I am in the same boat as you. I don't have any info to offer you regarding the different surgeries. I would like to know myself. I have not had a steroid injection so I can't comment on that either. I do know they exist and I guess people have to rely on that approach who have been deemed unfit for the surgery...I just thought I would add my two cents. I wish I could offer you more.

Steroids are very helpful when needed to control swelling and thus pain. Also often cause candida overgrowth which in many causes WICKED headache; for me this kind of headache is as BAD as the ES headache.

I have just been diagnosed and will be seeing a doctor at OSU medical (Ohio State University). It seems like they have a number of doctors who do the surgery for ES. A number of patients on this board have seen Dr. Forrest and have been very happy with his expertise. There’s also Dr. Brad Desilva at the Neck and throat clinic (OSU) who sees patients for ES.
Hope you get some relief soon.

Thank you for the information! Keep us posted please on how things are going…

You’re welcome. I will keep you posted. My appt is on Dec 11. I’ll update after I see the doctor with what he has to say.