Well i have been going to chiropractic so i thoyghtwi start taleing my kids and they allways do x rays to check spine and so far two of my kids also have elongated styloids classification just like me they have symptoms but not as intense as what mine is i still have six more kids tp check. I thought this was not hereditary i really have to wonder?

That's really interesting, but I feel for your kids. Doctors aren't really sure about the cause- some think that it is a congenital condition, in which case that could well be inherited. At least you know now, so they can keep an eye on their symptoms- I do wonder if my younger son might have elongated styloids, as he has neck, ear and jaw aches, and spells of first bite syndrome...

Yes my kids constantly tell me while eatting something stuck in throat. Few years back we even took one daughter to the er she thought there was chip stuck. Dr said there was nothing there mabe she scratched it . they get sudden head pains my one daughter lips have turned blue and she fainted twice in last five years. We took her to heart specialist but said heart is just fine and really did not have an answer. I would kinda joke with them say see you have es and we laugh but really not laughing matter. Come to see i right no joke. Comming to realize i belive i need to go through and have this surgery and be strong as to give my kids hope that to have the surgery and it be ok and get better.

That would be a really good thing for them to see- it must be hard for them seeing you go through all this and knowing that they might have the same problem... to be strong is the best thing you can do for them. I hope that you can get the finances/ insurance sorted out.

I'm sorry to hear your children are suffering with ES, too. I hope you are able to have your surgery soon and start feeling better. It will be good for your children to see you have a successful recovery and a better life after surgery. It will give them confidence if they have to have surgery in the future.

I have seen a hereditary component to ES in my family. I have it & so does my first cousin on my father's side. My father died this year, and after he was buried, I was talking to my step mom about some of the health problems he had over the last couple of years, & we concluded that due to odd heart problems & dizzy spells that no one could diagnose, he probably had vascular ES that went undetected.