To everyone having issues swallowing I have just got a nutri bullet! It comes with lots of recipes and with lots of nutrition information. I have been able to eat things i have not been able to eat fresh veggies and fruits and it makes great soups and smoothies. I suffer with the feeling of something stuck in my throat and at times the pain in throat and ear as well. this has truly been a blessing this machine!

Happy that you have found a way to get some nutrition for your body in a different form! Sounds like plan that might benefit others! Thanks for sharing…

I am getting ready to have my second surgery for Eagle's Syndrome. I had swallowing issues three years ago which returned this past February so I knew the other side was giving me trouble. I've had a swallowing test and a camera run down to check my esophagus. I have been told that after surgery nerves and muscles can lose their strength and this could be some of my problem now. After a CT I was set up with the same surgeon (SAMCC Army Hospital San Antonio) who wrote and article in the 1990's on Eagles Syndrome. The styloid is abutting the hyoid bone with the carotid & all major arteries involved. I will be scheduled this Wednesday, April 29th for surgery in May. Thank you for the Nutri Bullett suggestion as after surgery swallowing is difficult and it takes time to get solid food down as the muscles are weak.


Good luck with your surgery Frances! I have a Philips juicer which works well too.

Thank you Jules! As my surgeon told me, "the good new to this is that you don't have a third styoid." He does have a point.