Swollen Lymph nodes

Hello, I am newly diagnosed ( Jan 16 2018) by my dentist with both sides being calcified and the left longer but the right thicker. I am currently waiting for my ENT appt to be scheduled.I have struggled for 5 yrs with many of the symptoms other members have listed and many years more with headaches and neck pain.
I also swollen lymph nodes in my right side of my neck and on the back of my head/neck …is this common?

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Yes! Swollen lymph nodes can be a symptom of ES. Not sure what causes the nodes to swell unless they’re being irritated directly by the elongated styloids. Maybe someone else has more info on this.

My styloids were just like yours - longer on the left & thicker on the right. My right one also pointed more straight down & the left one curved a little more.

So glad to hear you’ve been diagnosed & can head forward with treatment & hopefully find an end to your ES symptoms!


If you put ‘swollen lymph nodes’ into the search box (use the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the page) it’ll come up with a few mentions in other discussions- might not help you find any answers, but at least you’ll know others have had the same. Best wishes!

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I have swollen lymph nodes as well. Have been swollen for a couple years now…my primary care doctor sees them and feels them but had no clue why. Finally diagnosed a few months ago by the ENT I’ve been seeing for 10 or more years. Funny (not really) enough, he is the one who has sent me for CT scans and sialigrams and this and that - even a biopsy for sjogrens. When I made him keep digging under my ear/jaw area until he finally hit the sweet spot…wella, a diagnosis was made. I now have a pretty significant mass in that area because this has been going on for so long. I have complained about it for a number of years now and he always said the same thing…I don’t really feel anything out of the ordinary! The ES was confirmed a few days later at my dentist’s office when looking at the radiograph pan-am. I can’t even tell you how many CT scans and oral scans (dozens) I have had over the years and not one single doctor mentioned anything about those unbelievably long processes! I have had several molars removed as well because of the severe clenching I’ve done for so long. Once they are fractured, there is nothing to be done except extraction!

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