Symptoms I am having

I was wondering if anyone else has these symptoms, my jaws feel like they are clenched and they are sore, not all the time, and sometimes I wake up like all my energyhas been zapped and feel nauseated sometimes last half a day sometimes all day, I just want to sleep on those days? And I stray hungry on those days. I have had gastroparesis for 7 years and has been resolved in the last 6 months, or so i thought.

Hi Greatpersun,

Here is a link to a post Jules wrote about ES symptoms. Reading through it will help answer at least some of your questions. The symptoms you’ve mentioned have been noted to be a part of ES except I haven’t heard of the feeling of jaw clenching when jaws aren’t clenched but that does sound like it’s being caused by upset nerves which is what ES does - upset nerves. I hope the link helps & I hope others post their experiences.

Thank you this explains a lot.

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Lots of members have felt exhausted with ES, & had stomach issues; it could be down to irritation of the vagus nerve, & there’s info about that in the discussion Isaiah posted the link to.