Thankful for this site

It amazes me to think that most of us won’t ever meet. Yet when I was diagnosed in November, I found comfort in the people on this site knowing that others were experiencing this horrible ES thing that bothers me every minute of every day. Now I feel compelled to tell you that I am scheduled for external surgery early May with Dr. Cognetti in Philly. I just can’t wait until my throat, neck and ears feel normal again, assuming all goes well. I am extremely nervous. I will probably only get more anxious as the date of surgery gets closer. In my mind you are all there supporting me. Thank you.


Thank you Ivy! Cute puppy pic…!

Hope that date comes round quickly for you! Keep us all posted!

I am so excited for you and your upcoming surgery! I have met some wonderful people on this site and one I will hopefully meet while she is here from Michigan awaiting surgery on Monday with my Dr. Richard Gillespie.

The nervousness is normal. I felt it, as does my friend who is here now awaiting surgery. When suffering it feels like it is NEVER going to end. Then when you know it is, you start wondering if there is a catch and that sits on your nerves.

Everything will be great! You will do and feel exceptional and your life will change in all the best ways.

((My surgery was internal.. external maybe different.. sounds like its alot harder because of everything that is disturbed trying to access ES))

Thank you LAD!