Surgery now scheduled

I haven’t posted much since my 1st post. After trying medication for reflux with no relief in sight, and being on the highest dosage of gabapentin allowed to help relieve facial pain, but still having pain, I am now scheduled for surgery with Dr. Cognetti on May 11th. I don’t yet know much of the particulars, but will find out on May 3rd. I am so anxious, and scared as all heck, but I’m just ready to get out of this ES pain. Would anyone mind sharing with me how you are doing post-op, or years later post-op? I would really appreciate any words of comfort really. Thank you :slight_smile:

I live in Waxahachie,Tx and had a styloidectomy in March 6th. Dr.Chan Leveno at UT Southwestern in Dallas performed my surgery.She went in through the neck. Everything went awesome, I immediately felt relief and had more energy ! No real pain or discomfort after surgery… Although I do have some numbness to my left side and my chin a bit ,I believe it’s temporary. I feel sooo much better !Good luck and God Bless! Andrea Hathaway

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Hi CadyD! I was diagnosed w/ bilateral ES in Sept 2014 & had my first surgery in Nov. 2014 & second in Aug. 2015. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I do have some permanent numb spots on my neck & lower jaw & a bit of residual nerve pain (only if I poke it) on the other side. These are little problems compared to my ES symptoms, & I easily ignore them. Surgery gave me my life back. It did take me a couple of months to fully recover after each surgery, however, I was in my late 50s & so probably didn’t heal as fast as someone younger.
You are in GREAT hands w/ Dr. Cognetti & I expect you, too, will notice immediate improvement when you wake up from surgery.
Worrying about what’s coming accomplishes nothing but does rob you of joyful time you can be spending w/ your family now so set it aside & focus on trusting your surgeon & expecting great results.

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There’s quite a few current discussions from members who’ve just had surgery, have a browse through them & hopefully that’ll give you encouragement.

I had my first surgery in 2015, & second in 2016, sooo glad I had it done! Can’t explain how much better I felt after the first one, the vascular symptoms improved within days! Recovery was nowhere near as bad as I expected either- I think you can tell that from the amount of us who have gone on to have the second side done! :wink:
You have a very experienced surgeon, so that will make a difference!
God Bless & best wishes !

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Hi @Isaiah_40_31! Thank you so much for your reply, it really does give me some relief from my worry to read your story and your words, I so appreciate it. I’m also very happy to hear you have your life back. :blush:

@AndreaMH thank you so much, it is such a relief just to here that I’m on the verge of having energy again! Happy to hear you are doing well and the surgery was success! God bless and take care!

@Jules Thank you so very much! I truely appreciate hearing from others that have been or are where I am. Very happy to hear how you are doing and it helps to give me a hope for better days ahead. God Bless and take care! :blush:

You’re so welcome!

And you will have your life back, too! Hopefully in the not too distant future!



Looks great, glad you’re healing!