Thanks to Heidemt!

Just to let you all know that Heidemt is standing down as a Moderator and as the Co-ordinator for the Doctors Lists on the site.
I certainly want to thank her for all her advice and input, and I’m sure others appreciate all she’s done too. I’ll do my best to keep the doctors lists updated, but I probably won’t be as efficient at it!
We hope that she’ll continue to look in on us from time to time and I wish you well, Heidmet!

Heidemt I will miss you. You have done so much to help me as others did. Best wishes and health to you.

Jules you do great as I think. You will be great lead to us all. I know I haven’t been here long but anything I can do to help out just yell.

Thanks, and glad that you’ve found the site so helpful!

A big thank you to Heidemt for all the great work! Jules, we’re lucky to have you here, and please give us a shout if you need an extra hand.
Thank you to both of you!
Seenie (TJ and Meli too) from Moderator Support

Just wondering if I missed it but how did this site all start? So thankful it here but how did it start

Hi there AngelLizzie
Click here to see the Ben’s Friends story. I’m not sure when the ES community was started, but all of our communities migrated to a new platform in 2016.
Seenie from Moderator Support


Thank you for all your help to all of us, but your info you shared with me was very helpful to me! I will miss your wisdom, and wish you the best with all your new endeavors!

Take care,
Seamom [2 weeks and counting]