Thyroid nodules and ES, can they be related?

So, I was diagnosed with Eagle Syndrom AND thyroid nodules at the same time. Strange, because my thryoid tests have always been normal. This begs the questions, which one, or is it both, causing my throat to feel like I have a golf ball stuck in there?

Hi vettegirl,

Many of our members have thyroid nodules. It’s unclear if they are related to ES or just incidental. I’ve had them for going on 40 years. The only sensation I’ve had from them is some pain in the front of my neck when a new one forms, & that has only happened a couple of times over the years. The golf ball feeling in your throat is most likely coming from your styloid(s), however, depending on the size of your thyroid & locations of your nodules, they could be putting pressure on nerves that could make your throat symptoms more pronounced.

That’s very helpful information. Thank you so much. For years I was battling horrible sinus drainage, had steroid injections and antibiotic shots sometimes a couple of times a month, and it helped a little. Then my ENT suggested a Clarifix procedure, which I had done early part of 2020 just before the great lock down. The procedure was a lifeline. It helped so much, they froze the nerve in my nasal passage that tells the brain to secrete mucus, and I was shocked at how much different I felt. Now, I know that a great deal of the issue was the ES. I kept very good records of how I was feeling, my symptoms and when I presented that list to Dr. Donovan here in Houston and he did a very thorough exam, he spent a lot of time discussing my symptoms one by one, and he was 99% convinced that I did in fact have ES. He requested the CT Scan and now I’m meeting next week with him to discuss next steps. Very frustrating to know that I spent years taking un-necessary injections that in face made my skin so thin it would actual tear, but that particular ENT was top in his allergy field, he just didn’t know about ES. My new dentist found the issue on a pano film, referred me to an oral surgeon, but I didn’t like how they wanted everything paid out of pocket and were ready to rush me into a surgery plan without much information. I found Dr. Donovoan’s name on your website and from the first conversation with his nurse, they were pretty convinced that I did in fact have ES, got me in and now I know what the real issue is. Major surgery is very scary and I have to admit I’m very anxious about it all, but even if it relieves half of these horrible symptoms then I will consider it a win win. I’m concerned about how long in fact the recovery time might be as I don’t do well sitting still for long periods of time. I’m sure Dr. Donovan will address all this next week and calm my nervousness as much as he can.

I am like you & not a “sitter”. I was only really down from surgery for about 1 week, but I wasn’t careful after that to rest when my body asked & I think that slowed my recovery. My energy level was lower than normal for about 2 months post op. After my first surgery, I restarted exercising at a reduced level around the end of my 2nd week post op, & I ran in a 15K event at 6 weeks post op. The run was a mistake - too much, too soon. I was only able to run half & had to walk the second half as my throat felt like it was closing. It took several weeks to recover from that mistake. The key is to restart your activities at a low & slow level & gradually work back up to what’s normal over many weeks, listening to your body & slowing down to rest or stop when it asks. That will hasten your recovery.

I’m so glad for what you’ve told me about Dr. Donovan. It sounds like he’s a great doctor & perhaps someone our other TX members never saw.

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I was fine walking about after the first few days following surgery, housework & stuff I had to be careful with (shame!!), hopefully you won’t have to sit around too much! Although recovery rates do vary, as do surgical techniques…Dr Donovan sounds caring & thorough!