Tired of the pain

So after having to reduce my amitriptyline due to urine retention i am once again in a lot of pain. Co codamol doesn’t touch it. I have been advised to try a medical approach for 6 months before considering surgery, right now i be happy to have surgery tomorrow. apparantly theres other medications to try first, theres just so many side effects to these medications and presumably these would need to be taken longterm as this isn’t something that will get better on its own.

There are quite a few medications which can help with nerve pain, if that’s what your pain is, there’s lots of suggestions for pain relief on the Ben’s Friend’s facial pain group (you don’t have to join if you don’t want to, you can still read discussions): http://www.livingwithfacialpain.org/
Some members have found pain relief with lidocaine patches as well.
But yes, there can be side effects with medications, & if they worked then it would mean taking them possibly for life. (I’ve had 2 sucessful surgeries, but I do still have to take amitriptyline for nerve pain, just a low dose controls it well. I’d hoped that I could stop taking it after surgery but it was still there. The good thing though is that before surgery it was worsening , I was getting numbness & tingling acroos my whole cheek & jaw, & that is totally better)
I guess you could go along with the plan for 6 months, or start the search again for another doctor… Neither option is particularly appealing, I’m sure. Some members have had sucess temporarily with lidocaine/ steroid injections into the area, is that something your doctor might consider otherwise?

I too am tired of the pain. I’ve been told to wait 2 months while doing PT and continuing gabapentin (max dose now), and flexral. I’ve been trying to hang in there but just like you I am so ready to feel better. Gabapentin does help for a bit with facial pain but not completely. I am also on effexor for migraines that began not too long ago which can help with tension in muscles.

I had another Dr. prescribe amitriptyline in February - only 10 mg for pain but it didn’t do anything. but she said I could double it to 20 mg a night and see if it helped. I really haven’t done it. Interesting they gave you that.
If you don’t mind - what doseage are you taking? It’s not an opioid so I’m OK with trying this as you know I don’t take pain pills, but this is not in the regular pain pill family. Thanks.

I take 20mgs, it really helped, & helps with sleep too, which is a bonus when you’re in pain! Occasionally I’ve had to take 30mgs, just for a couple of days when the pain was bad, but was able to go back to 20. My sister was prescribed it for back pain, she was told to take up to 50mgs to help! Best check before taking more than 20 mgs if that’s what you’ve been advised!

Thanks. I appreciate your help. Music Geek and I have been emailing.

I did have cold laser therapy on outside of jaw for 5 weeks. They even

did cold laser inside my mouth for 3 weeks and I told the therapist I didn’t think

that was helping - only hurting the inside of mouth more.

And now the past 3 weeks I’ve had a red spot on back of mouth that causes

incredible pain and getting more painful.

Dr.Dentist yesterday said it’s not ulcerated yet, but he can

plainly see it. Not sure if cold laser inside mouth caused it, or if it’s just

blood flow finally getting to the nerve to try and heal it.

Have a great day! Diane