Took the scan finally

Hi everyone. I want to thank everyone in helping me understand ES.All your posts have been very helpful. Today I had an appointment with a neuro surgeon in bangalore(India). Finally took an MRI of brain and skull base with contrast. This is my first MRI and have to say that it was a bad experience. The sound from the machine was killing. I was already anxious. The sound just made it worse and it took like 45min to complete the procedure. After the scan I was not able to stand for sometime and was nauseous.But thank god it’s done. But unfortunately I could not get the report as it was already EOD and I had to go back to my work(chennai. 8 he’s travel from bangalore). But I told my father to get the scan tomorrow and get it reviewed with the doctor. Waiting eagerly for the result. I ll update my scan report and findings tomorrow.

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I hope that the scan does show something so that you can find what is causing your problems. Hopefully it will show any vascualr compression, but an MRI is not the best scan to show if styloid processes are enlarged, so if you don’t find much out from this scan, it might be worth thrying to get a CT done, if you haven’t already.
I know what you mean about the noise- I couldn’t believe how loud it was, & how long the scan took!

You were right. The doctor called me today and told that he sees nothing from the MRI and that it looks normal.I told him that I can surely feel something under my jaw(right most corner). Guess I should take CT.

Sorry that it didn’t show anything helpful- but it’s not a waste of time as there are other conditions which they can rule out if the MRI is clear. But a CT does show the styloid processes & any calcifications better. Good luck!

Don’t let yourself get discouraged, Raghav. I had multiple MRI scans as well where they didn’t notice anything wrong with my styloids.

A CT is the best way to diagnose Eagle Syndrome. Ask them to create a 3D reconstruction - it’s best to measure the actual length of the styloid and you can clearly see whether the ligament is calcified or not.

Best of luck, Michael

Agree wholeheartedly…MRIs are worthless for this.

Thanks for the information.Its time to take 3D CT then.

Good plan! Please keep us posted when you get results from your CT scan.

most doctors in India if they don’t understand the problem, they will say its nothing. I went to two doctors both said they can feel something bony but said it was nothing of concern, didn’t even bother checking it once

Ya.Experience the same. Many of the doctors in India are over their head. I went to one of the ENT doctor in my hometown stating that I have a bone growth under my skull that is causing so and so issues and that I have come across this in this site and the significance of it. He listened to all this as asked “are you the doctor or me?.Don’t google away all your problems.”

I accept part of what he said but he could have considered to what I was explaining him in detail.He simply said that “You have no problem.All your problems are in your head.Please consult with a psychiatrist” and I know at that moment that its a waste of my time and came out silently…

Sorry Raghav that you were treated like that… I know there have been quite a few members who’ve been referred to psychiatrists because doctors haven’t believed them- not much comfort, but at least you’re not alone.

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Hi Raghav & Shanur -
Go to the Newbies Guide under the Home tab at the top of this page & print off some of the articles about Eagle Syndrome that talk about some of the symptoms you have take them w/ you to any future appointments. These are peer reviewed research papers, & in my opinion, any doctor who would disregard the information in them, & send you away w/o considering the information & offering you the option of a CT scan to check out your situation, shouldn’t be in medical practice.

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“You have no problem.All your problems are in your head.Please consult with a psychiatrist"
I have heard that too man, they dont even bother getting diagnosis done, the good thing is i got a job and when i have sufficient money (in maybe 2 or 3 months) i am headed straight to the doctor that does es surgeries.

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I am so sorry you get that sort of response. I don’t know if you saw the post from one of the members yesterday who went to a new doctor & was told by him that he thought ES was a hoax. That is just horrifying! I’m glad you’ve gotten a job & I hope you’re able to save money quickly so you can see the ES specialist.
Here’s the post:

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