Trigger Point Injection

Wow. My primary care provider just gave me 8 injections along my left trapezius.
However, after about 20 minutes the horrible spasms I’ve been having just RELEASED.

My understanding is that even if my traps were tight as a compensation for pain in my neck from the styloid/C1 and IJV compression the feedback loop is now interrupted, and I have relief.
He said it may only last a week but in the meantime I feel better.
I was also able to turn my head both left and right without vertigo! Yay!


That is amazing! Kudos to your PCP both for being proactive on your behalf & for knowing to do something might really help you. I hope the pain stays away for months (not realistic but possible) instead of only a week!

Oh this is so good to read! Some relief is so much better than none. I’ve been thinking of you often. Many prayers for everything to align perfectly for you, @tokenegret!

That’s brilliant for you, I hope the relief is longer than a week, bliss, enjoy it! :hugs: