UCSF for evaluation

Hello. I hope this note finds you well as you can be with Eagle's. I will be seeing Dr Jolie Chang at UCSF Head and Neck Surgery Center next week. Anyone know about her or seen her? I think I am going to pursue surgery. I have done it all. Physical therapy, heat application, cold application, ultrasound,oral splint, cervical collar, chiropractic, yoga, accupuncture, gabapentin, psychotherapy. None of these have produced any lasting results. I have had this pain 28 years. Pretty much used to everday pain but dread bad days. I worry that it has become a part of me and surgery will do nothing. I would like to try though. I will fill yall in when I get back next week.

I wish you all the best and hope all goes well with your new doctor. How long have you gotten the diagnosis of ES. It will be almost a 1yr for me. I want to do everything possible to elevate pain without doing surgery. I am trying to decide if I should a life-time of pain. Eagles is quirky..sometimes you have those days is kind a bearable and then you have those days where you think ( I should have done surgery months ago -what am I waiting for). Please let me know what you decide. Have a great day and be well :)


I hope you will get answers from a knowledgeable caring doctor. I know this is a journey that can be truly frustrating. I for one have been very blessed being on this forum. The encouragement and support from those who are suffering our same issues helps a person not to feel so alone. Please keep us posted.

Bless you

I wish you the best of everything. U'll b in my thoughts n prayers, blessing to u Aby :0)

Just got back form UCSF. Nice trip. Dr Jolie Chang was great. She listened carefully and did a thorough exam. She looked at the CT from 3 diffrent angles. I have styloid processes that look like drop earrings! LOL She has not done the surgery herself and has only seen it twice. She has a colleague she can recommend to do the surgery. She said an ENT surgeon who regularly does cancer neck surgery is the best suited for this surgery even if they have not done it before because they are in this area so much and are very familiar with nerves, tendons, and muscles. She recommended an external approach rather than transoral if I did not mind the scar. She told me I may have a combination or problems contibuting to the ...and that the styloid process may actually conribute to migraine which aggrivates the whole mess. Will keep you posted. Abigail

By, the way...can't say thanks enough for all the encouragement and thoughtful notes.I keep you all in my prayers! Abigail