Update on progress

Well since dec - 2 Viral infections 3 strep throat 2 sinus infections 2 roof canal treatment and a chest infection.

My styloid has been measured at 4cm and I have had a cat scan done.

I still have this feeling that something is stuck in throat.

Had to have a hiv test due to immune repeated issues . Was negative.

I just don’t feel like myself emotionally before this kicked off last nov - tonsils look find but constantly feel swollen and have a throat blockage sensation.

Last visit with Ent suggested a mri scan and a endoscopy under general anaesthetic to have a good look around .

Guess my case continues

It’s up to you, but personally I wouldn’t want to have a general anaesthetic for an exploration when the possible cause for some of your symptoms could well be ES! You’ve had it confirmed with the CT scan, an MRI can rule out other conditions so is fair enough, but to have an operation seems a bit much…An endoscopy may well not show anything if your symptoms are down to ES. What has your ENT said about your CT scan & the elongated styloid? Do they understand ES?
Have you tried to get a referral to Mr Currie, at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire? He’s the only surgeon that we’re aware of in Scotland who’s done ES surgery. Otherwise there must be skull base surgeons/ Otolaryngologists in Glasgow, they’re a good bet to try as they’re used to operating in the right area.

Wow, I have those kind of problems, I am prone to infections, viral and bacterial. I think the irritated nerves from Eagles make things worse. I had my second surgery 6 months ago. I did not know for years. I think the Eagles caused my vertebrae to move out of place and overtime compressed nerves and muscles. So I still have stiffness and some pain in vertebrae and shoulders, that is only partially relieved. My jaw is messed up since birth and may have been the cause of it all. Hang in there and I hope you find someone who can help you. The feeling that something is stuck in the throat is 99.9 % likely from Eagles syndrome. You may also have muscle tightness and swelling. I am still getting infections. I think they are a result of allergies that turn my sinuses into a breeding place for bacteria and viruses.