My panoramic x-ray showed 5in styloids but ct showed 3in. Because the CT was ordered to look at the styloids they are going with that length. My ENT said 3in styloids is within the "normal" range. I would have thought a 5'2" petite girl would be on the lower end of the "normal" range.

I have now been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and I have a CPAP which helps a little with the fatigue. I can at least move around without seeing stars or leaning on walls. My doctors couldn't believe I have this because I don't fit the sterotype. It took a student doctor to suggest it.

I have also been diagnosed with TMJ so I have been wearing a mouth appliance which has helped with some of the overall pain and swelling. I am happy to recognize my face in the mirror again.

The doctors are satisfied at the moment because I have been able to return to work and have stopped rapidly loosing the little weight I had. I have not had an "infection" diagnosis since September so they are also happy with that. The one really strange thing is I am on restrictions to not do cardio exercise. It seemed the "infections" in the glands on the left side of my face seemed to correlate with starting zumba, running, or other forms of cardio exercises. Not sure why but as long as I don't get the constant severe pain I will follow that rule.

I'm hoping the rest of the pain will go away over time....not confident in that though. At least I can deal with the sharp ear and cheek pain as long as its not constant.

I meant 3cm... one of those days

it is calcafied?

Auree said:

I meant 3cm... one of those days

Hi Auree,

I am just under 5' 2" and felt the same way. There just can't be the same amount of space for everyone. It also depends on the angle as to what it is compressing.

The tech said mine measured in at 27mm on the left and 22mm on the right. My surgeon said that sometimes they can't pick up all of it. He removed 30mm on the left. He said mine are very thick. He also ended taking out a big lymph node. I wonder if the styloids are keeping them from draining properly? He said between the two what wasn't being pressed on.

I also went the route of the jaw splint. (still using it) It did free up some space and relieved some pressure however in my case it wasn't enough.

I would suggest sending your scans to one of the top docs on Emma's list for a second opinion if it doesn't give you enough relief. Cognetti and Samji (mine :) seem to be the names I see the most.

Take care,