Just an update, went to the doc yesterday and had a nice one on one chat with him. He said yes I do have ES but I am a special case. Whatever that means. We talked through everything, decided to yes, do the tonsillectomy first and see how that goes...then if needed we will pursue the external ES surgery. So I guess wish me luck on the 12th and we will see how that works to start! Will be glad to get rid of these stupid tonsil stones anyway!!

Glad that you have a plan of action! Getting rid of those tonsil stones is a good thing to look forward to- hope that all goes well with that! Keep in touch, and in the meantime, hope that you're not in too much pain to enjoy Christmas!

Thank you. I’ve been ok. Although today is cold and the weather has changed. Winter storm moving in and I’m feeling it. But it’s good to know I’m not the only one. Others understand me here and that gives me the courage to keep going. Thank you for that!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

It's been almost a month since getting my tonsils out... It's nice not having the stones to deal with but I still am having the ES symptoms. Frustrated. I had been given oxycodone after the tonsillectomy, and find that if I take that (I still have extra)that I can make it through the day without much achiness and extreme fatigue. Has anyone else taken this for ES symptoms?? I am almost out and considering talking to the doctor about a script for this for a bit til I decide if I'm ready for surgery. Any other suggestions??

It's worth a try- I think generally doctors are worried about people taking it and getting addicted so are reluctant to prescribe it usually. Sorry that you're still having the ES symptoms, have you got an appt. with your doctor again to talk about surgery, or is it up to you to decide when you're ready?

My son was prescribed oxycodone for ES pain, but we only used it on his most desperate days so that addiction would never be a problem. So he used it maybe once or twice a week at most. And ironically, after the ES surgeries, he didn't take any pain killer cause the pain from the surgery was nothing compared to the pain from the ES.