Vagus Nerve Issues

Hi all! I’m wondering who has experience with their ES causing an issue with the Vagus Nerve. I’m having a bad episode with my ES right now and at the same time I started having bad heart palpitations. I did research and came across a connection with the Vagus Nerve. I’m probably due for a new Cat Scan. I can feel it’s grown a bit but for money purposes I haven’t had one. Plus I have issues detoxing from the dye they give you for the scan. I’ve also contemplated surgery but that makes me nervous. So any info or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

There have been a few members who have had issues with palpitations & the vagus nerve- it does pass by the styloid processes so it’s possible depending on the angle of the styloid processes that they could irritate it. If you do a search of past discussions (use the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the page) you’ll see that there have been a few mentions, & there’s info in the Newbies Guide section about common symptoms & what might cause them.
As for surgery, there are risks, but it’s a personal decision as to whether the symptoms you’re getting are affecting your life so much that you’re willing to take that risk of surgery. Obviously there’s less risk if you can see an experienced surgeon too. (Not sure who you’ve seen, or have you looked at the doctors list in the Doctors Info section? There’s 2 doctors mentioned in CT, & there’s also another doctor suggested by someone recently who will be put on the updated list: Dr Clarence T Sasaki, Otolaryngologist, New Haven Hospital, CT.)
Do you have vascular symptoms as well? If not then a CT without the contrast dye will still show the length/ angle etc. of the styloid process so you could compare that with a previous CT scan, then there’s no worries about the dye.
But there’s lots of positive stories on here about how much better members feel after surgery, so if you’re anxious then have a look through past discussions so you’ll know what to expect.
Best wishes!

Thanks so so much!!! I’ll do a little more looking on this site. My symptoms come and go so when they are bad I do a lot more research. The heart palpitations is a new one. I actually saw Dr Sasaki! It was probably 3 years ago. I was supposed to do a Cat Scan and follow up but quite a few life issues got in the way and I didn’t. I was looking him up again last night but we have a new insurance plan and he doesn’t take our insurance :pensive::pensive::pensive: but I had a really good feeling about him. I’m going to call just to double check on the insurance.

I could deal with the pain but the heart palpitations have to go!! I’m not sure I have vascular symptoms. I’ll have to look into that. What are basic symptoms?

Thanks for your help!!!

I’m guessing your question was what are the basic vascular symptoms not basic ES symptoms. Vascular symptoms range from vertigo, fainting, migraines, eye issues (visual & lid droop), to heart palpitations, blood pressure issues, etc., You can search the past discussions for more info on vascular issues as well. General ES symptoms are throat pain, ear pain, jaw pain, neck pain, pain at the back of the skull, shoulder pain (more rare), among other symptoms.

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Yes I was talking more specifically vascular. I was assuming it included heart palpitations. The vascular symptoms are more new to me. The others I’ve been having for a long time. Thank you! I like your screen name by the way. I’m a Bible reader myself.

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There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide about vascular & classic ES, the different symptoms & what might cause them if you have time for a read… I had pain in my neck, ear & jaw for a while, which was bearable, but for some reason the vascular symptoms suddenly appeared, & those I had to get rid of! (the only thing I could think of was that I’d been getting really into cycling, but that had caused a prolapsed disc in my neck, so I wonder if everything shifted slightly…)

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I did start reading on here. It’s been helpful. The onset of my vascular symptoms were pretty fast too and it’s definitely heightened my anxiety which doesn’t help. What did you end up doing Jules? Surgery?

Hi! I’m not sure if your insurance works like mine, but the doctor who did my surgery was out of network for me. The office contacted my insurance company and explained that it’s a rare condition that not many surgeons are specialized in and got them to cover it as in network. It may be worth a try. Good luck.

Oh my goodness that’s so great to know!! I’m going to call this week to see about all that. Thanks so much!!!

Happy to know you enjoy the Bible! May God give you wisdom as you search for the right surgeon & peace as you consider whether or not to pursue surgery.
I had heart palpitations & blood pressure drops especially when I exercised. It was scary. I have no regrets for having had surgery. My right styloid caused the vascular symptoms & my left side - pain. So thankful they are gone now!!

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That must be such a relief!!! It’s a lot to think and pray on. I appreciate everyone sharing with me!

Jules did have surgery for bilateral ES - about the same times I had mine. It has helped her, too. She’s in the UK so the medical system is a bit different there, but thankfully there are a couple of great ES surgeons.

@NMC hi! I am in CT too. Just came across ur post. Just wanted to advise you not to go to that dr saaski at yale new haven! I spoke with the person who he operated on and he didnt remove the es bone. He shaved it down n left it in there and shes still in pain. I went to yale new haven too and was very unhappy with their knowlege of ES so i traveled to PA to dr cognetti. I hope ur doing ok. Please feel free to reCh out anytime!!