How could snipping off the bottom tip relieve pressure on vagus nerve?

I know some people have got relief this way but I haven't. Can someone explain how just taking off part of the bottom would stop pressure on the vagus nerve? I don't get it, would seem the whole calcified thing needs to come out.

Excellent question! I've wondered the same thing!

I am talking to Dr. Forrest on Monday, so I will pose this question to him and respond back!

Hi, I had my entire styloid process removed so I do not know very much about your situation. I wish you the best.

Hello -can someone explain to me what the vagus nerve issue is - I haven't seen it mentioned before.

Its a cranial nerve that regulates digestion and heart rate. It can be impinged by Eagles

Thanks for replying crmfghtr, I enquired because i have been ill with sysmptoms acouple of years ago that may have been related to vagus nerve issues.Are you aware of any research papers mentioning this?

It did nothing for me.

I think if a structure is supposed to be 1cm it should be taken back to 1cm. When a real removal was done on both my styloids I got complete relief-it just took a few times.

Shaw: Yeah I was thinking the same thing, basically all they did was cut off the piece that was protruding into my throat, if I push hard enough I can still feel the tip of the one they excised in my throat! And they want to do the same thing on the other side, I dont think so. I will have to start looking for options out of state. Thanks.

Janine, just google vagus nerve it gives a list of the symptoms. As for proof a styloid process could impinge it, I think its just a matter of fact it can, it just depends on how big, the extent of the calcification etc Convincing a surgeon that its causing that problem is very difficult however

In 1990 a 3.5 cm styloid was shortened to 1cm = Total relief

In 2003 3.5 cm was removed of a 7cm styloid = no change in pain. It ended up the same length as the other one before surgery and the doctor telling me if it still bothers me they can take more off. I asked this was the medical equivalent of "measure once cut twice?"

the remaining 3cm was removed in 2013 with mostly complete relief except for the aftermath of the previous mistakes.

I never thought it was medically sound to not remove it all. or to even ask. I made sure my 2013 surgeon knew not to do a trim. All or nothing-he said why would he do anything else. I knew I was in good hands finally.

Eagles Syndrome Doctors.xls

Check out the ES doctor list above. Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia, PA & Dr. Samji in San Jose, CA, have most likely done the most ES surgeries. Dr. Samji is doing my surgery on 11/17. He removes the styloids at the skull but only does one per surgery w/ a 6 month healing period in between.

I hope this is helpful.

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