Venogram done

I had my venogram done yesterday at Addenbrookes Hospital, everything went well. The journey back home was a nightmare as I did not get back home til midnight. The nurse told me that Mr Axon would be able to see the venograph next week, but my follow up appointment is not until 30th August. It feels like that is way too long to wait for the results :(. My question is for everyone who had a venogram done, how long did you have to wait for results and see Mr Axon again?

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Hi xAngelx35,

In the US medical offices usually keep a “cancellation list”. When a doctor is booked far into the future, you can ask to be added to the cancellation list. If an earlier appointment becomes available, it is filled from that list thus you get your appointment scooted up. It would be worthwhile for you to check w/ Mr. Axon’s office to see if they keep such a list & if so, add your name. You may be able to get in significantly sooner that way.


Sorry, I had to wait 3 months for my results too! Typical NHS, but then at least we don’t have to pay like our US members do…& then it was a 4 month wait for surgery after that, even though I had quite significant jugular compression! I hope that the time passes quickly for you!