Dr Axon scan information, UK

Good evening,

I am due for my first appointment with Dr Axon in January to investigate Eagle syndrome symptoms.

I wonder if anybody has experience with Dr Axon and could recommend what scans he requires in order to correctly diagnose the problem. I’m aware there are a variety of different CT scans that are possible to obtain; is there a particular one that is preferred (with or without contrast etc) ? Also X-rays? I will ask him during the appointment but am looking to see if I can aquire them before hand to get the ball rolling.

Thank you.

Hi, & welcome to the site! I wouldn’t worry about getting a scan beforehand, as he likes the scans to be done his way; I had my surgery with him 5 years ago & he wanted them done at Addenbrooks- this might have changed by now, but as it’s not long til your appt I’d wait until you see him. He does like a CT done with contrast but not from the side as most seem to be done, from the top of the head moving downwards- don’t know the technical term for this, sorry!
I hope that he can help you!

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