Anyone have extreme death like weakness and sick feeling and spring back to get better from Surgery? What’s the worst u have felt?

Heya Kandi! Sent you a message, I may be more helpful comparing and contrasting the stroke like details after I’m more familiar with yours. Everyone is different tho, and the symptoms can be pretty spread out an extreme.
I’ve definitely been to the ER a few times pre-surgery pretty certain I was having a stroke or dying. The weak awful feeling is all consuming and was worst than any food poisoning or fever or flu I’d ever had. And it was a daily event.

The good news is surgery did A Lot to improve how miserable everything was.
I’m still tracking down another vascular compression further down the line, but Oh Man my brain was glad to get some of that blood back.

Hi there…so u saying surgery got rid of the flu yuck infection feeling? I wonder what would cause that?