Weird question

Weird question because i forgot to ask my docotor. I noticed a few small needle marks on my chest on the operated side right below my neck when i got home from surgery. What were these from possibly? Emg during surgery maybe?

Hello Magen,

I had surgery a month ago and I noticed the same thing. I do think it is where the Dr. used lil needles to monitor the nerves. My Dr. had told me he uses lil needles kind of like acupuncture needles. I am assuming that is what it was. I was actually more curious about the strip of tape (I think) along the top/back of my shoulder. Since I was fairly tan, I could tell since it removed some of my tans marks LOL

Oh, and I did see your question about your tongue. Mine is pretty weak near the back making swallowing difficult but it’s improving more and more as time goes by.

Hang in there it gets better! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! It was the only thing i could think of. My tounge is slowly getting better as. Well. My es symptoms are still there. Im hoping with time it improves.

It is kinda weird to wake up and try to figure out what they did to you while you’re sleeping! Hang in there! I have days where I’m frustrated that I’m not further along in my recovery but it’s still better than my ES pain!
All of your ES pain is still there? Oh my, I’m sorry!

Most of it yes. I had a lot of numbness and facial issues that i had before surgery that are still there dis your es symptoms improve right away. I will be 2 weeks post op on monday

Remeber that your nerves were irritated for quite awhile before you had surgery. It will take time for them to recover. PATIENCE is your word for the next year. :wink:

I’m trying… it’s hard some days to get my brain in focus lol

Talking about wondering what they did to you in surgery- I had several bruises on the side of my face- I thought maybe they’d dropped me on the floor!! They only came out a couple of days after surgery, so I didn’t get to ask then, but asked before the second surgery- apparently it would’ve been from the clips they monitored the nerves with.

Interestingly, I had a really dark bruise on my chest just below my right collar bone after my first surgery & one on my forehead after my second surgery. I figured they were from whatever they used to clamp me down so I couldn’t move during surgery. :yum: