What now?

I feel like a sinking ship. Staying afloat is a strugle from day to day, some days being easier than others.

Today is a bad day. Throat pain, headache and incredable fatigue. I don't know what to do so I will do nothing and hope tomorrow is a better day.

Hey Dyan,

I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling so much, I can sympathise and I wish that there was something I could suggest or a wand I could wave to make this better for you :( I just hope today has been better for you and that you've found some relief.

Much love to you

Gracie x x x

Poor bugga

It's really hard isn't it

And that feeling of "i'm gonna bust into tears any second" and sometimes we do.

Because it's such a rare condition, there's no support out there.

There's not anything out there !

When my throat gets really sore i suck on icy-poles.

I buy the bulk cheap brand ones from coles or woolworths.

The cold from the icy-pole numb the pain and try to swallow on your effected side.

I've recently put myself on Vitiman D, Womens multi's, C and iron ans i was boarderline anemic.

I believe the vitimans have helped me feel stronger to deal with my ES.

Good luck darl and try to relax.

Eat icy-poles in bed , take some nuerophen or panadine forte and have a nice sleep.

That's what i do.

Does anybody ever get like skin peeling inside their mouth on the effected side?

i haven't had it for a while now, just curious

Tc and be strong xoxox