Sore throat with ES

Hi, I been having sore throat for 4 days now, I know is cause of my ES, any advise what to take so it can go a way? Thx :slight_smile:

Hi nani I don’t knw if you can buy them where u are but here in Australia we have sore throat Lollies that have an anastetic that might help I’ve had them a few times its not a permanent fix but it gives some relief

Thx for your replay purple girl :slight_smile: I google the Lollies ,they kinda look like Ricola cough drops :slight_smile: … Couldn’t sleep last night for the sore throat ugh :confused:

Hi Nani,

My advice will sound crazy but I learned it on this forum and it works like a charm for ear and throat pain (caused by Eagles):

Eat as many popsicles as you can stand, quickly. I'm talking about A LOT of popsicles, and bite off chunks so you can swallow slush. I ate about 20-30 per night when my eagle syndrome was at its worst. Doesn't do wonders for your nutrition, but works like a miracle for throat pain. Hope it helps you.

Thank you eagleheart2, for rt now the soreness is gone,but for next time will try :slight_smile:

That's great news, Nani! Hope it stays away.