What's more common?

What’s more common, internal or external surgery? Also curious, why did the think anti presents would help this condition? Do they actually think it would shrink the bone or something? Anyone recorded to shrink this bone naturally?

The surgery varies with what method the doctor feels most comfortable using; ENT docs usually do internal surgery as they’re used to operating inside the throat, whereas a skull base surgeon and presumably neurosurgeons are more likely to prefer to do external as that’s their area of expertise.
Anti-depressants are prescribed as they’ve been found to work in low doses with nerve pain- just like they’re prescribed for neuralgias. ES can often cause compression of the facial nerves, trigeminal nerves, glossopharyngeal nerves and geniculate nerve, so anti-depressants can be helpful. Anti-convulsants are often used as well in low doses.
I don’t think there’s anything that can shrink bone.

External surgeries are usually considered better by the experienced eagles doctors because they can see everything better and they can get more of the styloid out.

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