What's the name of the surgical technique where the incision is done behind the ear?

I know there’s transcervical or extraoral approach to surgery but just wondering what the exact term is for the technique done behind the ear so I can research into it a bit more.

Many thanks

Some have referred to it as a “face lift” incision.

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I wasn’t aware that there is a term for it…it’s a technique Mr Axon uses, so I looked up the research paper that he wrote with Mr Higgins & the surgery is described as ‘A postauricular incision was extended forward in front of the mastoid tip’. So don’t know if you can try & research that!

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I can’t remember if someone posted the “face lift” incision title on our forum or if I read it somewhere, but I guess it’s the sort of incision that’s also used for some aspect of a face lift.