With a date for surgery scheduled I feel good about the doctor but would like input regarding the facility

It took longer than I imagined it would but I finally have a date for surgery scheduled with Dr. Samji in San Jose, CA. I would appreciate comments, advice, or reassurances from anyone having met Dr. Samji or having worked with his office. Additionally, I appreciate having been scheduled based solely on the medical records I sent to him however; it makes me nervous I haven't talked to him directly yet. His office is attempting to coordinate a phone call between us because I'd like to hear what he has to say about intra vs. extraoral approach in general and in my case particularly. I found it disconcerting that the woman scheduling the surgical facility didn't know either but in her defense, she was accommodating my pressure to schedule before the end of June and will probably have it completely worked out before we get down to the date. Based on the research I've done, I prefer an extraoral approach and hope that is what he has in mind.

Which brings up the other question I would most appreciate any feedback regarding - the facility. His office indicated I would be scheduled into an outpatient surgery center - Silicon Valley Surgical Center (SVSC) and would not require and overnight stay. Has anyone else had an extraoral surgery and gone home the same day? How'd that work out? I notice SVSC is not "accredited" and I'm not sure if that should concern me or not. Insight anyone? Please share any experience you might have with Stanford Hospital vs.surgical center, etc. Thanks so much in advance!! - Alaska Eagle

The facility is great - I felt like I got very good care at the two surgeries I had there. Those of us that were out of state stay at a hotel in the area or at a friends place if you know someone. It works out fine. From what Dr. Samji told me, he only does external surgeries.

Thanks so much heidemt! did you find a favorite hotel?

I stayed at the Pruneyard Doubletree hotel. I think it's called something different now, but if you google it, you can still find it. It's just down the street from the surgery center. I stayed there before my surgeries, but I was lucky enough to have a friend in the area who I stayed with after my surgeries.

I will also hopefully be having surgery soon with Dr. Samji and also prefer the external approach based on my research. Did you have drainage Tubes to deal with once you left the surgical facility? I was planning to stay with family about 2 hours away from San Jose but am hesitant to go that far if I will have a drainage tube to deal with ( not to mention the thought of it in general just makes me nervous).

No, I didn't have a drainage tube after either of the surgeries.

Awesome, thanks! I am hoping mine will be the same!