Appointment with OSU surgeon yesterday. Questions

Hello all,

I have a few questions for anyone who can help. I had an appointment with a surgeon at the OSU Medical center yesterday. He confirmed my calcified stylohyoid ligament on the right and an elongated hyoid bone that is scraping my spine. I also have some calcification on the left, but not as significant as the right. He would like to take an transoral approach and take off the section that can be felt in my tonsillar fossa that is on the right side. He said he may not touch the hyoid at this time, which surprised me. He also said that he would take the transoral approach but may find that we would have to take an external approach later if the surgery wasn't successful in removing my symptoms. That seemed an interesting approach to me. I wonder if he's being overly conservative?

Also, he said he would like to keep me overnight to monitor me after the surgery. I thought this procedure was done routinely on an outpatient basis.

Any thoughts on this doctor's approach would be greatly appreciated.


From what I understand this is outpatient unless you are a child (like Ear Mom's son) or have a complication, otherwise it is done outpatient. Did he explain why intraoral and why not address the hyoid? I would ask these questions. Our surgeon explained in details why he was doing what he was doing and how the procedure would be done. I would follow up with these questions to better understand.