Yay! Ready for Surgery

UPDATE: I got my CT scan done this week and I am waiting on Dr. Del Gaudio's office to call me to schedule my surgery. He is awesome. I have it on both sides but only having surgery on the side that's giving me problems. I've been suffering for years now and no one could figure out what was going on. I wonder why the doctor didn't tell me I had Eagle Syndrome when he noted it on the x-ray I took two years ago. I think it's sad I had to investigate for myself to figure out what's going on. I really believe if I would've had Emory doctors from the beginning I wouldn't have suffered this long. I was informed that I would have difficulty eating&talking and a slanted smile until I heal. I'll update after the surgery. It'll be sometimes next month.

Please keep us updated. Good luck to you. I just got a referral to Shands in Florida here. I hope a surfeoun can help me there. This is aweful, isn’t it? I wish you the best.

Sorry, I meant surgeon.

Thanks Marie. Hope you appointment went well and yes this is aweful!

Yes, it is a fight to get anyone to even believe that the problem is Eagle Syndrome when they have the CT in front of them and still try to say it isn't a problem. You will be amazed after the surgery. Not only were mine sitting long enough to push my jaw in the wrong spots, it was also restricting my airway. I started 25 years ago with telling doctors that I always feel like I have something in the back of my throat. So glad for this site and it's list of doctors. Good luck on your surgery!

Good luck on your surgeries and keep us posted as to how you are doing.

Thanks guys!! Three more days!!!!