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Wow - I just finished reading “Connecting the Dots” by Sherri Jonas about her son Jacob’s medical journey. If you are fairly new to ES, I strongly suggest reading this book (available on Amazon, link below). My surgery was just over 13 weeks ago and this book inspired me. This child, to boy to young man’s journey gave me strength and knowledge. The book discusses Dr’.s, medications, and the pain and suffering endured all towards a positive outcome. It also lists many ES medical articles that may help some of you in your research. If Jacob could endure what he did, we all can!

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Hi sjlash!

Excellent recommendation. Sherri Jonas sure did her homework & suffered for years along w/ her son. The book is an excellent & quick read with enough detail to be really helpful but not so technical that it’s hard to understand. I give Sherri kudos for never losing hope & not stopping until she had an answer that brought a cure for her son (twice!).