Your Bone length post surgery

How long are your bones… Approximatley? After your surgery?

Mine Are cut of to aprox 2.2 cm now after the op.

And why do ppl say that they “will have their processus styliodeus cut back to the skullbase”?

Thats not possible right? There are 3 muscles connected to the PS bone. So what do you mean by that? You cant just cut of the whole bone?

Or am i wrong?

Best regards, Max

I don't know what they do with the ligaments attached to the SP, but I know I don't feel anything different. There is a video you can watch on youtube where they show how they operate, they burn off the attachments somehow from the SP- not for the squeamish! Every surgeon does the operation slightly differently- some are used to working in that area and take the whole thing back to the base of the skull, others trim the SP to an 'average' length. Generally the more they can take off the better, 2.2cms is below the average. (Average is generally regarded as 2.5- 3 cms). Whether surgery is internal or external makes a difference, as they can remove it higher up with external.

How are you doing, Max?

Im fine! Feeling very well :slight_smile: ill be back to work on thuesday. The symtoms are pretty much all gone. Neckpain, headache facial pain, nervpain and so forth… So its a relief! But im worried that the bone will grow back. I cant see why it would stop growing by triming it down… Would be better to just get it all away like u have.

Im trying to stay possitive!

Love life!


There have been a few cases where the bone grows back, but not that often... it depends on what caused the elongated styloids to start with, it can be down to your genes, they're just longer like some people have long fingers, a big nose etc.! In that case it might be that they are less likely to grow back. Enjoy the moment, pain-free, and don't think about whether it'll grow back!

Max, congratulation on your surgery and the relief of your symptoms. That's great news. By far, the majority of people do great with their styloids cut back to about 2 cm. Also, like Jules said, from what we know, it's very very rare for them to grow back. Enjoy your new painfree life!

Oh, I'm updating the doctor list so - who was your surgeon? Is it someone already on the list? Thanks

Thank you both!
Ye, lets hope for the best! If it against all odds grows back, ill just have to remove them all the way back, i know another surgeon in Sweden who does that. :slight_smile:

My surgeon/doc was Mats Lidegran.

Hospital: Karolinska universitetssjukhuset.
In Stockholm, Sweden :slight_smile:

Thanks Max. Who is the other surgeon in Sweden?