1 month update and Neurology Visit

So it has been 1 month since I had my left styloid removed. I see the surgeon next week to get the details about how much was removed and the plan going forward. I seen the Neurologist yesterday and he was able to give me the results of the new CT scan I had since having surgery. My right styloid is also elongated. He said he would probably hold off on surgery until it starts giving me problems. I was being evaluated by him because of the pain in my throat area (which could be coming from the right side). He told me that most likely my glossopharnegeal nerve was aggravated by the styloid or removal of the styloid aggravated it. He said he expects the nerve to heal and my throat to continue to get better with time. I still feel like I have needles sticking in my throat and pain when I swallow. Although it is not quite as bad, it is still causing me great anxiety at times. Even last night, it really bothered me. Then today, it has not be quite as bad and is tolerable. If I had to have the surgery again, I would definitely do it! When/If the time comes for the right one to be removed there is no question…It is coming out! Thanks again for all the support from this site. May God bless you all and keep your pain away. I will post another update after I see my surgeon.


If you look for Sewmomma’s post-op discussions, you’ll see how long her symptoms took to go (she had clicking while swallowing) , & how it would come & go alot before almost disappearing, so it is normal to have good & bad days…we do find that often after one side has been done the other flares up, it could be that in your case, & weirdly symptoms can occasionally ‘cross over’ from one side to the other…I’m glad the neurologist agrees that there will still be more healing to come!
I hope that gradually (well, sooner preferably!) you’ll notice improvements, and thanks for sharing your story & positivity! God Bless :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:


HOORAY! You’re seeing improvement. I back up what Jules said. Give yourself 6 months of healing time to determine whether or not your current throat pain is from the remaining styloid. If the pain gets worse or doesn’t go away, there’s a good chance it’s coming from the right side. If it does go, you can skip that second surgery until you do have other symptoms.

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@luv4pj how is your throat feeling these days?