1 month post op with pictures

I have posted previously, but now we are a little over a month post op. Everything is still good on the one side that got removed and only slight numbness at the scar on the neck remains. Unfortunately, my son is now symptomatic on the other side. We knew both sides were elongated, but all his symptoms went away after the first styloidectomy. So, we are sad to see a return of symptoms, but at least we know what we need to do and where to do it. Trying to stay positive and still praying for others who are slow to recover from this surgery. We did get a picture of the styloid, so it is attached for those who want to see it.

217-Styloid.jpg (792 KB) 218-DSC07045.JPG (2.08 MB)

Although my son had symptoms on the other side, they only lasted 4 days and then went away. He got sick. We are hoping that the symptoms were brought on by illness as he feels great again. Just keeping everyone in the loop who is looking for the success stories.

Glad he is better. I seem to get recurring symptoms when ill, sore throat, acid reflux, etc. Even stress in the shoulder. Get better when the illness or stress is managed. Better with time as well. Now, if the other side is the reason, then you know the decision to make still always scary because we never have a guarantee. So glad that your son is better and I do pray that he stays that way.

Thanks Emma...us too.