1 week post op

So it’s been a week! I’m thrilled I had this surgery, no pain pills at all today. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend babysitting a 2 yr old the last two days who’s supposedly in the process of being potty trained, but it worked.
My scar is so different than most! It’s long; I’m thinking/ hoping it falls in to one of my neck wrinkles. At 67 I have a few! I can’t figure how to attach a picture or I would.
My Dr in Omaha Neb is also a plastic surgeon so hopefully it improves a LOT.
I noticed last night that my shoulder and arm don’t go numb anymore… unlike the other one.
I would have the other sides surgery done in the next week or two if dr would do it that close together. I have worked on low key projects every day; I feel blessed.


Hi! Very pleased that you’ve noticed some improvements, very early days yet for healing to notice any other symptoms going. Very brave babysitting already! Glad that went okay :sweat_smile:
Doctors vary how soon they do surgery, but a few months seems to be common?
Gentle hugs to you :bouquet:

I think icing/ Aleve/ Tylenol every 3 hrs for the first 48 really helped. That alarm was so annoying, but I think it made a huge difference in the long term. I also endorse the wedge pillow or elevating your head. The other thing I did that is a little different is that I took JUVEN. It’s a powder you mix with water and is to be used after surgery or accidents. It’s a true miracle in increase circulation and healing, I learned about it from KU burn unit and our top orthopedic surgeons in Kansas City area also think patients do better on it. I am very hesitant in using it though if one has or has had cancer, It can be ordered from Amazon or some pharmacy’s carry it that are located close to hospital. Might ask your Dr if you have extremely high BP and don’t take it for several weeks/ months,

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Hi Painfree,

I’m so glad you’ve been able to stop your pain meds so soon. That is great news! As Jules mentioned, most doctors require a space between surgeries (mine required 6 mos but has now reduced that to 3 mos between). I would have liked to have had mine done both sides at once, but in retrospect am glad for the wisdom in waiting as I did have a fair bit of throat swelling & bilateral surgery might have put me in the hospital for awhile.

Ice is THE BEST!! It helped me a lot, too, along w the wedge pillow. I’m a fan!

Your scars will disappear w/ time. I had my surgeries at 58 & the scars are basically invisible now. It’ll take several months but they will hide in your neck creases. :+1:

What a great blessing for you to be able to care for a little one so soon after surgery. Just be careful if you need to lift :muscle: him/her. That should wait for at least a couple of weeks post op. :relaxed:

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