2 Symptoms Gone For Now!

So....this is not a major update......or even close to a victory declaration.

However......2 things:

1) Despite how hard I blow my nose (which always gave me stars) or bending down to pick up soap in the shower or turning my head quickly.........I have not seen the "stars" since surgery. (By stars, I mean the kind of stars that you would see if you got jarred playing football, like getting your bell rung)

2) I tried again tonight (a second time) driving my car with the windows up and going 50 +. I made my goofy open and close mouth motion to illicit the "wind tunnel effect". Nothing. It is not there right now, period.

It may come back......but for now, they are gone.

That is it for now.

Ears are still hit and miss.......keep icing and keep fighting.


Awesome!!! I love hearing about these victories, Todd! I think many more are to come.

Updates are always the best stuff to read. I hope you have a lot more to post in the coming weeks--yay about the 'stars'!

Thanks guys!

Again, I do not want to get too excited, as if these were my only 2 symptoms........I would never had gone under the knife ha.

These were always just two (2) "oddball" things that I could never explain away!

My ears are hit and miss. To me, I believe, the right side may damn well be worse than the operated side! However, the left one is certainly not quiet yet and it waxes and wanes in terms of flaring up.

I am exactly one week out from surgery and now play the waiting game to see if the real issues will resolve.

Thanks again!!!!



My PT just asked me today if I ever hear follow ups from people after surgery with my type of symptoms. I mentioned that there are one or two here that just had surgery and I am closely following.

I sure hope as the weeks pass and inflammation calms down, you will see improvements. He agreed it is too soon- one week after surgery with all the swelling.

Take it easy.

That’s fantastic! Every improvement is warranted as a success!

Thank you for the updates!