Go Cougs - Update 11/17/13

Greetings from Spokane!

I know I promised some updates.........thought I would send a brief one to let you know about the recovery process.

First, do not take the little "steri-strips" off the cut until he sees you in your post op visit. I misunderstood......ended up removing the bandage AND the steri-strips the day after. These are what keeps your scar cut at a minimum. Now I have a "gang slice" in my neck and people will think I run with the mob! He did such a good job of keeping the cut at a minimum and I screwed it up...grrrrrr.

As far as how I feel..........I really do not know.

Yesterday, for the bulk of the day, I would say that I felt about 5-10% better than BEFORE surgery in terms of my neuro type symptoms. Then, starting at about last night at 6 or so........the left ear started humming again like something was irritating it. Ugh

That lasted until I went to bed and it was gone this morning.

I am taking it easy , using ice and just chilling on the couch. I am still only a whopping 6 days out from surgery as of today. Thus, I think it is way too early in the game to make any logical assessment on "Did it work".

Of course I am anxious to know if this was all for not, did it have any impact on me!!! I have to keep reminding myself that Dr. Samji said you have to give it a good 5-6 weeks to let the internal swelling go down to truly know. You are going to have ebbs and flows.......

So.......I will probably take 1 more week off of work and then head back and see what happens. There are multiple times during the day where the right side (non-operating side) is louder than the left, which to me is encouraging. That being said, any time the left side starts ramping up and feeling nerve irritations.......I get discouraged.

I over-analyze by nature..........I have taken that to a whole other level with this thing :o) Feel free to ask away if you have questions.

Peace out,


Can you notice anything with your visual 'stars'?

have not seen them

samji said that the compression on the carotid could definitely been causing those "stars" i saw when i turned too quickly in the shower. (fyi......the "stars" were just like when you got hit hard in football and got your bell rung.......except i would see them by gently turning my head to pick up soap :o)

that being said, the stars were the least of my issues.........i want EVERYTHING to be better. i am greedy


Oh no :(

Did they come off with the pressure bandage? ( something I was worried about happening)

My ears did the exact same thing...... except now it isn't everyday that the left one ramps up.

You have to have patience!!! (the hardest part for me as well) Don't get discouraged!!

Keep in mind that with even movement of your head and neck (chin down, right & left) can irritate those nerves because of the swelling (and thickness of the incision).

Instead of here we go again ( I'm famous for that one)....... try to look at it like........ This is one of the LAST days I have to feel like this!! That is what I am doing now and it is helping :)

Great news about the no stars thing!! That one is a good sign!!! Just realized...... I haven't had that one since day 8 (post op). I hear ya'!! It will get better.......I have faith!! :)

Take Care,


Thanks for being a cheerleader Sheila.......I need it.

You get knocked down so many times that you become very cautious and cynical about everything!

I have to keep reminded myself that a week ago........I HAD NOT EVEN HAD SURGERY YET !!!!

I get to play the "wait and see" game now......will continue to update as things progress!!!


Welcome :)

I know exactly what you mean about being cautious and cynical.

This time it has to be different..... This time it makes more sense then anything else you (or I ) have tried :)

So you don't have them anymore ...so far as you can tell? I have the same thing at times-mostly when picking something up off the floor or extreme turning of neck, so that's why I ask .... I describe it like when it rains in a lake, and you see the little drops, they are like that...a little sparkly or like twinkling stars in the peripheral of my vision. And when there are a lot, it is like a film of TV static over the vision (Poltergeist!). I think it's a bloodflow cutoff issue, too, because it LOOKS like what it FEELS like when your foot or something 'falls asleep'.