2 week follow-up with Dr Hackman

Hi everyone,
I had my 2 week follow-up call with Dr. Hackman on Wednesday. He gave me the go-ahead to lift my little grandson :two_hearts:, walk my dogs, and remove the steri strips. He did say to not over-do it, as that could cause additional swelling. I’ve been doing really well as far as healing goes… no pain, mild discomfort, and pulling sensations from the incisions (I feel like I have a bandana tied around my neck). I’m still pretty numb under my chin and jaw down to the incisions, although feeling is starting to come back on the right side.

He said I had a significant amount of inflammation on my left side, and was actually encouraged when I told him that the tremors (which I’ve had on my left side for about 2 years… started after a hard chiro adjustment) got worse right after surgery, and also again a few days later. He said he takes that as a good sign that we went after the right spot. I still have stuffy ears and tinnitus in both ears. He said with the inflammation and vascular nature of my case, that he would expect things to improve after the inflammation settles…. said to have patience for at least 2 months. I’m trying! We’re going to talk again in August and see how things are.

I think the incisions look pretty good. Right now I’m alternating between a CBD cream, a frankincense and myrrh balm, and a colloidal silver cream. I’m also going to search the forum for other ideas, and maybe try the scar strips after healing more.

Thanks again to all you wonderful people! Would have felt lost and alone through all of this without you! :sparkling_heart:


Your incisions look wonderful at only 2 weeks post op! I’m glad for the bit of symptoms recovery you’ve had & you should definitely expect more at time passes. It takes 4-6 weeks for the swelling to really die down. It was close to 6 mos post op before I felt most of my symptoms were gone, but at two months, I definitely felt more like my old self again.

I’m so glad you’re mending & especially getting to hold your grandson again. That’s an extra special blessing & reward!!

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The incisions are looking good, & pleased that you’re healing well! Dr Hackman is wise in suggesting you need to be patient for a couple of months…I would take it very steady with the lifting though, I don’t know how old your grandson is, but I didn’t feel up to lifting the children I was helping out with (3 year olds) for a good month after surgery.
Take care & God bless :hugs: :pray:


Looking good! Keep us posted on your progress.


Thanks, Jules! Yes… I’m trying to be conservative with lifting him, although he’s only 9 months and 27 pounds. I’ve also started walking my dogs and stretching, which feels great! He did warn me not to do too many yoga poses too fast, also… especially downward dog. Makes sense!