3 1/2 month bi lateral post op update

It’s been a while since I have posted an update so I thought I would take a quick break to do that. Life has a way of getting chaotic so I apologize for not posting sooner. As the title says I am now 3 1/2 months post op. I have definitely had my share of ups and downs since surgery. So I will just share with you were I am current state. I just had an appointment via the telephone with my surgeon Dr Hackman, and let me just say this I feel very blessed to have him in my corner. Anyways, I am still experiencing the pain in my left jaw/neck as I was pre surgery. He is still trying to help me and is ordering a soft tissue MRI of the neck, head and orbits. Once I have that done we will go from there. He is not sure if might be muscle or what have got however he said if it was a hematoma by body would’ve absorbed it by now post op. I am still not doing all that well with the scars from the stitches. I am a slow healer and know that I have some other metabolic underlying issues which are probably contributing to my slow progress. I do think that my body did not like the stitches that they used under the skin because I have had issues really since day one. I shared that with him just so he was aware. I didn’t have the same issues with my surgery I had last April. I am happy to report however that all my mouth paralysis is gone and I am able to open my mouth all the way without drooping! I am so appreciative of having Dr Hackman as my doctor/surgeon. Anyone thinking about using him will not be disappointed. I wish I had better overall news to report but unfortunately that’s what I got.


Thank you for your update @Ddmarie. I am sorry your surgery results haven’t been better & hope the soft tissue MRI show something that’s helpful toward understanding why you’re still in pain. The fact that your life has gotten busy again is a good sign that you’re moving forward in spite of the pain. I do understand that would be more pleasant if there was no pain.
I will continue to pray for your full recovery. :hugs::heart:


So sorry that you’ve not gotten rid of your symptoms after surgery, that’s really tough… I hope that the MRI shows what’s causing your pain, and good that Dr Hackman is still trying to help & hasn’t just dismissed you. Will keep praying for you, & sending you a hug :pray: :hugs: