2nd surgery

My 2nd surgery will be in Omaha, Neb in less than a month from the first. I’m
So excited and hoping it as successful as the first. At my 2 week checkup this week my scar is absolutely amazing! While Dr Andréw Coughlin is a head and neck cancer surgeon he is also a plastic surgeon and my scar benefited. It was a bit longer than some, but he glued the incision. I started massaging on the lump, about the size of a small grape yesterday. I have had no nerve problems I feels so blessed.

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Glad that your 1st surgery went well! And not too long to wait for the 2nd one to be done…let us know when you have a date & we’ll be praying for you!

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Thank you for prayers!
Wednesday Nov. 6th is the 2nd date. I am
Hoping the TMJ keeps improving and then I can focus out how to rebuild my cheekbone joint. ( arthritis and no miniscus from my cleft Palette). Talking and eating are improving, :blush:. I’m on day 16 from 1st surgery; I’m still dealing with a little soreness, and my jaw gets tired. As I told the surgeon it’s a bit sore, but the other side hurts.

Not too long away then! I think LoriNola will be having surgery in Louisiana the same day!