3 days after the surgery done in Brazil

Hello everybody.

My 2 styloids were removed on Saturday. Follows their picture and scar. Both bones around 4.5 cm each. The surgery was uneventful and I'm still recovering. The neck is swollen (third day). The surgeon, Dr. Romualdo S. L. Tiago, is brazilian expert in this area. He tried to leave scars as possible hidden. I would also comment that anesthesia was excellent. Currently anesthetic drugs have greatly improved. I slept and woke up quietly.

Wow, that's fantastic! I hope all your Eagles problems are taken care of. Thanks for letting us know.

Best wishes for your recovery, Brazilian!

Hi Brazillian
I am from Brazil too. Is there any way to get more details about your surgeon? Do you have facebook messenger or whatsapp? Are you in the eagle syndrome facebook group? Thanks

Hi tatianac,

Brazilian had the same surgeon as Swimmer (in case Brazilian doesn’t answer your post). Sometimes after people have their surgeries & no longer have ES symptoms, they stop participating in this forum. We haven’t heard from Brazilian in a long time so that might be the case here.

Hello tatianac,
In fact I had my ES surgery here in Brazil and the result was great. Both bones were removed in the same surgery and the cuts were very small.
After a few years the troubles of this syndrome disappeared completely.
The surgeon was Dr. Romualdo Tiago and his office is in the city of São Paulo and the address can be obtained from the internet. I hope I’ve helped.

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Thank you for replying, Brazilian! You proved me wrong!! :+1:

Glad you had good results, & thank you for coming back to help tatianac! :+1:

Glad to hear you are doing fine! I will have an appt with dr Romualdo on Monday!
Wish you all the best
Thanks for replying!

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That is great news, tatianac! You will be glad to have another opinion. I had two opinions as well & had the second opinion doctor do my surgery because he was more experienced & his surgical strategy made more sense to me.


It really means to me your encouragement.


Good idea to see another doctor, really pleased that you’re able to travel to see him if you can get an appointment; is it far from you? Do you have to pay for health care in Brazil?

Hey Brazilian! Great to see you back here, and telling us that you’ve had a successful recovery. How long did it take to recover? Did the pain diminish right away, or was the improvement gradual? I’m sure the newer people here would love to know.
Seenie from ModSupport

Hi Jules
Yes! I am really glad and relieved to have other doctor’s opinion. Flight is only one hour. Yes, we have to pay for health care because public health system here is really terrible. I am Fortunate I can pay. I just cant imagine having this type of health issue and so many others without private health care. I really feel sorry for those who cant.

Very pleased for you that you can travel & pay…must be awful for those who can’t…

Hello ModSupport.
The pain and discomfort decreased soon after surgery. Of course the discomfort of the cut and stitches were there, but they were nothing compared to the relief that the disappearance of those pointy bones that had tortured me for years.
To this day I don’t feel anything anymore. It seems that these bones will not grow back after they are removed.


Thank you for updating us, Brazilian. That’s the kind of post op report we like to read! I had the same results as you after 2 surgeries (one for each side). It’s what we hope for everyone who has surgery for ES.