3 month mark

Almost at my 3 month mark after my first surgery, I’d lost allot of symptoms progressively over the first two months the main one being my blood pressure has calmed down, but now I’m my third month a few symptoms have returned, croaky voice, hard to take deep breaths, constant clearing throat and difficulty focusing, I’m hoping it’s just my right side growing and that when I have my second surgery in November they all go away again , but it’s very disheartening, I get a scan done the end of this month to see what’s going on then another one three months after my second surgery in March , so by then we will know for sure if anything is growing back, fingers crossed it’s all one sided, head pain is definitely more one sided and visual disturbances is definitely more on the right but still fingers crossed

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@Millymay - I had a similar experience after my first ES surgery i.e. decent symptoms recovery, but because I had bilateral ES, the symptoms caused by the remaining styloid started ramping up 2-3 mos after my first surgery. I don’t know if my remaining styloid grew more, but I can say my symptoms got progressively worse up to my second surgery which was 8 mos after the first one. After my second surgery, all symptoms went away about 95% & have remained gone for the last 7-8 yrs.


Thank you that makes me feel a lot more positive, hopefully I get the similar results

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It is very common for symptoms to increase on the remaining side after the first surgery, lots of us have experienced this…I hope that’s all it is causing your symptoms & that everything goes with your second surgery :hugs: